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Boston Marathon 2014

This week Boston honored the victims and survivors on the first anniversary of the attack at the marathon finish line.  The 118th Boston will be run this coming Monday, trustfully completing a renewal for my favorite city that has proven its earning of that attribute.  I’ll be pulling for two friends:  former winner and world record holder Joanie Samuelson, and all-time streaker going for his 46th consecutive finish, Ben Beach.

Here are the thoughts that came to me on the actual anniversary last Monday, and a record of my own visit to the finish line on the eve of my 50th college reunion, appropriately Memorial Day 2013:

“One year ago today I learned of the first Boston Marathon explosion from a friend hoping I was not at the race. My reaction from here: wanting it to be an accidental gas leak under Boylston Street, as we have precious few celebrations left.

“How wrong I was on both counts. The bombs were deliberate. But more importantly, the courage of those present running toward the blasts, the resilience of the survivors, the people of Boston under Mayor Tom Menino’s leadership, and even the victorious Sox, vitiated the evil.  As will be evident on the finish line next Monday, what was once merely running’s most sacred site has become a world shrine to the human spirit.”