Rossmann and Moore, LLP

Conflict Resolution

Rossmann and Moore’s attorneys have successfully negotiated agreements addressing some of the most complex resource and institutional disputes in California and the western United States. Those agreements produced outcomes offering benefits exceeding those immediately obtainable in the courtroom. After several appellate victories for Inyo County in the Owens Valley groundwater war, we aided Inyo and Los Angeles to formulate their permanent joint management plan for both surface and groundwater; this 21-year effort resulted in the permanent re-watering of the Owens River. In the Livermore Valley, we resolved a prominent water supply dispute by formulating and securing rules to govern future water transfers into the valley. After securing appellate set-aside of the environmental assessment for the Monterey Amendments to the California State Water Project contracts, we negotiated the first public-interest contract amendments in the project’s 40-year history. Our negotiation practice has not been confined to the natural resources arena; we have brought consensus outcomes to vexing conflicts ranging from contested award of the Tevis Cup (nation’s premiere endurance trail-ride prize), to a property controversy that had divided an Episcopal parish and its presiding bishop.